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Abundant career and business opportunities!


There's never been a better time to learn how to prepare Australian tax returns. A large undersupply of Australian tax professionals all but guarantees employment in this fast growing sector. It’s undeniable then that there will forever be a need for tax preparers wherever there are Australian taxpayers.

Reasons why you should learn how to prepare taxes:

  • The current supply of tax professionals is struggling to keep up with demand;
  • You can earn a good living preparing taxes (and an even better living as your own boss!);
  • The tax industry is stable, recession-proof, flexible and you can operate anywhere;
  • Tax knowledge is a valuable asset in many professions;
  • Understanding of tax is a valuable addition to your resume and stepping stone in your career;
  • If out-of-work learning to do taxes provides a pathway back to the workforce;
  • Helping people save money is rewarding;
  • Preparing your own taxes minimises your own tax bill and saves you money.


Being self-employed is challenging, but it can also be very rewarding, offer independence, financial freedom and more. Getting into your own tax preparation business can be relatively low cost, quick to launch, rewarding and lucrative. Think it’s too risky? Self-employed people often have the greatest job security.

Reasons why you should start a tax business:

  • Earn $200/hour or more with experience;
  • To take charge of your own destiny!;
  • Supplement your own existing business;
  • Work part of the year and make a great income;
  • Reduce your own tax liability;
  • Start quickly with minimal expenses;

You can establish a great new home-based or retail business that can be part-time or full-time… the choice is yours, and always will be when you’re a business owner. There’s no inventory requirement and you could be up and running in just a few months.

What’s more Tax School can help.


Tax School partners with national tax chains such as Mr Tax Refund to offer students the opportunity to get into your own business, at very low entry cost and service backup and a proven business model.

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